Tuesday in Photos.

Day 12 Prompt:¬†Only photos… So without further adieu, here is my day from EARLY Tuesday morning (aka, midnight) until I went to bed.

I cannot get over how attractive I am not

bonus points if you can name which movie.

(insert boring work pictures here)


I know what you’re thinking. No, that is not the bad guy from the da vinci code

It’s really hard to take pictures of everything you do! I forgot to take one at lunch!


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18 comments on “Tuesday in Photos.

  1. 1 – Same blog post idea today = crazytown.
    2 – I want to work from coffee shops and people watch! Sad face.
    3 – “Jess does not” = hilarity.
    4 – I feel like I really love your mom and I don’t even know her. Is that weird? I mean, 25 years and I’ve never once gotten a random elephant emoji from my own parents. So I’m not gonna lie – I feel just a wee bit cheated.
    And that is all.

    1. seemed like a good day to do that, since I was working from home anyway. (or at least from the coffee shop!)

      I think she was referring to the elephant she got me for my birthday, but it was just so random! haha.

      and I never get flowers. Except that time in college when I had a concussion… That’s a whole different story though! ;)

  2. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince!!! I have HP running in the background A LOT around my house!! I’m such a huge nerd but it comforts me in some weird way :) LOVE HP!


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