On Being 24 and Single…

I don’t know why, but lately, EVERYONE keeps asking me if I’m still single (Or as a perfect stranger recently put it “Are you married yet?”). Maybe it’s because I just turned 24, and 24 sounds so much older than 23. Maybe it’s because people are genuinely curious. I’m not sure.

What I do know is it shouldn’t bother me as much as it does. People probably just want to know… Like I said, genuinely curious. But why should it matter? It almost feels like people are asking because they don’t expect me to be single. Like I couldn’t possibly be happy as a single 24 year old.

And when my response is “No, I’m single”… It’s almost always followed up with “Oh, don’t worry… You’ll find someone” or “He’s right around the corner.” But, here’s the thing… I’m not worried, and I hope he stays around that corner for a little while longer. Maybe find a puzzle to work on or jog in place for a lil bit.

I’m HAPPY being single right now. In fact, I really like it. I like being I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T… and I have enough going on in my own little world to have to worry about someone else. For God’s sake you guys, I can’t even keep my plants alive.

I’m sure my married, engaged, relationship-ed friends are VERY happy. But there isn’t even a small part of me that is jealous of them. (except the fancy honeymoons to Hawaii… I want to go on a fancy vacation) Someday my time will come… And it doesn’t need to be tomorrow, or next week, or next month, or next year. It’ll happen when it happens.

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So I rambled about being single… And I honestly really never had any intention of posting this (but I’ve been slacking on my blogging lately, and something had to go up sooner or later!) I just wanted to string along my thoughts and rant for a few minutes. AND THEN, thought catalog had to publish  31 Things That Are More Important Than Being In A Relationship Right Now. And of course, I identified with this WAY too much, so I thought I would make my own list of things that are more important… SO in addition to the aforementioned 31 things, here are 10 more.

  1. Not wearing makeup for entire weekends
  2. Having day-long marathons of Sex And The City, Harry Potter, Grey’s Anatomy from my chair that’s just big and comfy enough for one.
  3. Staying up until midnight on a weekday reading blog posts
  4. Getting unapologetically drunk on a Friday night and consequentially, being hungover all day Saturday.
  5. Finding a work-life balance… If such a thing even exists, and I’m convinced that it doesn’t.
  6. Not having to compromise on where I want to go for dinner.
  7. Learning what makes ME happy, and what makes ME sad.
  8. Being selfish about what I want
  9. Eating most of my meals in carry-out form.
  10. Writing blog posts about being single and happy about it.


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24 comments on “On Being 24 and Single…

  1. i’m 24, and married…but most of my best friends are not and i have so much fun visiting them and their single lives in other cities! i was actually planning on *never* getting married (always taking it to the extreme…) but here i am. i still feel like i’m a super young wife. and my love for life with my husband is in no way negated by what i’m about to say next: being single is awesome. ironically, i just wrote my first full post on marriage, and ended it with “if you’re single, enjoy it!” you have the perfect attitude about it, and honestly, being content where you are in life is the biggest struggle and the most valuable thing when you have it. relationship status has nothing to do with contentment. hold on to it!

  2. Here’s my theory: whatever you are, people will have something to say about it. I was married when I was 19, and believe me, there were a lot of “You’re married? Is that even legal? Is that even a good idea! You’re going to get the worst grades ever!” type comments and even “Do you regret that you got married this young?” I 100% think that no matter what people say, being content with where you are is the best way to be. And for the record, you can totally go all weekend with no makeup when you’re married too…but compromising on where to go to dinner part is definitely true…

    1. Being content is what it’s all about! Whether you meet your person when you’re 19 or 90 (but really, if i’m 90 and STILL SINGLE, I might be singing a different tune)

  3. Coming from the south, I was considered one of those “old maids” for not having “obtained” a ring by graduation. Now that I have relocated, I feel little bit better about not being always surrounded by the pressure to get married. It’s like the always having a little old church lady tapping you on the shoulder, “you will be next, honey” I do have a boyfriend, but we’re still enjoying our early 20’s. Settling down as a married couple will happen, but obsessing over it makes us miss out on our young, fun adulthood where we become the well-rounded independent parts that make up a good whole.

    1. Marrying young is definitely a southern thing… But it’s way more important to learn to be yourself without defining anything in terms of another person. :) Well said!

  4. I ended a four and a half year relationship last spring at the age of 26. I think some people (my parents included) thought I was nuts…but you know what? I’d rather be 27 and single, than 27 and married to someone I settled for.

    That’s great if some people met the love of their life in high school, or college, but I didn’t. And truth be told, I’m okay with it. It sounds corny, and very Jersey Shore, but I gotta “do me” and take time to better myself, before I get married or have kids.

    Don’t let what anyone says bug you :)

    1. 27 and single and happy is way better than settling and realizing 10 years down the road that you’re miserable! Mad props to you for realizing you gotta do you for a while! :)

  5. GIRL. I am SO with you on this! I love being single. And can’t keep plants alive. And have no intention whatsoever of being in a relationship anytime soon. The questions get old, especially during wedding season, but I wouldn’t change a thing. Glad to hear i’m not alone!

  6. Amen sister! Just this morning I was asked by a work colleague – just out of the blue after we’d talked about a client – “When are you getting married? How old are you anyway?”

    I’m 29 on Saturday and you should see the looks of pity I get whenever I get asked these questions. I’ve just recently learned to be ok about it. So hooray for your post!

    1. We gotta keep rocking the single look! 29 and single and fabulous is way better than 29 and married and miserable, in my opinion! :)

  7. single and so grateful. someday, they’ll be a hero, but I’m happy fighting single-handedly right now.
    One of the definite perks is being able to cry for whatever reason at any time without having to feel bad because it makes my bf/fiancee/husband feel bad or lost or hopeless. (the downer to this perk is having no one to hold you when you cry!)

    1. Oh, I feel ya on the crying whenever thing… Today I cried watching someone’s adoption video… And a few weeks ago I cried during a cheerios commercial. (not like, sobbing tears.. but still). :)

  8. As someone who is 24 and recently married, enjoy every second of this single time. There’s nothing I would change about my husband or the fact that we got married, but when he appeared from around the corner (as you so eloquently put it), I was still hoping he’d be working on a puzzle. Obviously, when you find the right one, it changes things and I always knew he was right, I was just having such a great time being single that I hadn’t thought it was so close.

    When people ask you, they’re really trying to make themselves feel better because they want validation that what they chose was right. Just because you’re on a different path makes you an easy target for prying questions. :)

    Keep having fun and rocking being single… (and if you’re lucky, you’ll find a man who will still let you have SATC marathons in your pjs without any makeup!)

    1. Love it! That will probably be me when he decides to show up anyway! And any future better half of mine will still let me have marathon TV days without judgement :)

  9. I recently came across your blog and I love your stuff! I’m also a single 24-year-old gal living the single life but having the occasional “IWANTABOYFRIENDNOW” moments. Glad to see there are others like me out there :) Happy blogging!

  10. I found this interesting. I’ve been in a relationship for 5 Years and I love my partner, although I am trying to break it off because I’m 24 at Uni, he’s 29, successful career already sorted, drinks all the time and I want to see what’s out there because I think I could get treat better by someone else. I’m afraid of commitment and ever since I was 17 I’ve been in relationships, I’ve missed out on friendship (girlfriends mainly) and I have no confidence or independence anymore. It’s so hard to say goodbye but it’s true sometimes you need “you” time, I don’t want to be 30 saying ” I should of left, damit”. So single ladies, it works both ways but I think you should be proud and single and fabulous because I have been lost for a very ling time and I can’t wait to find myself.

  11. Just came across your post! LOVE it.. it’s like you spoke directly to me! 24 is an awkward age where you see others settling down with kids and then you question if you should be doing the same. But the important thing is to remember that it’s YOUR journey.. not anyone else’s :) What works for someone else might not necessarily work for you!

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