We Came. We Saw. We Blated.

While in Orlando for vacation last week, I took the perfect opportunity to go on my first blate (that’s a blogger date, for those of you that are unfamiliar). I “met” Kerri back in September when we both participated in Blogtember. We followed each other on twitter and instagram and planned to meet up when I came to town in April.

I spent the day at Universal with my family and Kerri spent the day at work.. hehe. And on my way to meet her, I decided I was going to feel very underdressed and used it as an excuse to go shopping. I bought a super-comfy maxi skirt and awkwardly changed in my rental car in the parking lot … shhhh.

Admittedly, I was a little nervous. It’s like going on a blind date, but different. The things I wouldn’t normally be nervous about, I was extra conscious of.. like my chipped nail polish, the fact that my shoes didn’t match the rest of my outfit, and that I had ZERO jewelry on. All things that a guy may not pick up on, but a girl probably will. And, true to form, I was extra early. So I parked myself in a chair at the house of blues and waited for Kerri to show up.

(Disclaimer – I will be using most of Kerri’s pictures in this post… because I suck.)


Kerri showed up right on time and while she drank a beer and I drank a marg, we chatted about everything (literally). Work, families, and awkward dating stories were all covered. And trust me, this girl is as awesome in real life as she is on the internet. We were not short of things to talk about. And we made sure to get a blogger selfie to document the occasion:

blate4(She reassured me that my head is NOT as big in real life as it appears in this picture)

We moved on to Raglan Road, a little Irish pub at Downtown Disney. Our dinner entertainment included three Irish dancers (costumes and all) and a little girl that vomited all over the patio (for real, no pictures though … because, gross). We talked about our cameras (we both recently purchased DSLRs) and blogging… What kind of blate would it be if we didn’t talk about our blogs?! Kerri even has business cards for her blog, which I will keep in my wallet next to my Tinder date’s card forever, probably.



After we parted ways, I roamed around Downtown Disney for a little while longer and purchased a pair of Cheshire Cat socks at Little Miss Matched to commemorate my very first blate … I don’t have a picture of the actual socks (again, I suck) … But how could I pass on these?!

cheshire cat socks| via little miss matched |

Now, I have an internet-turned-real-life friend and Kerri is on the short list of people to visit next time I’m in Orlando (it’s a really short list. Basically just a piece of paper with Kerri’s name on it.) Thanks for showing me around, girl! Can’t wait to meet up again! :)


P.S. Kerri recapped our blate HERE.

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  1. OMG heart melted – you are too sweet! Had a blast!! Also I need those socks in my life immediately if not sooner. Til next time, chica! xo

  2. I’m so jealous that you met Kerri:) I stumbled on your blog from hers:) Can’t wait to follow along!

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