I was nominated again.

I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award before, but I figured since my pal Kerri, nominated me again this week, I thought I would go ahead and participate (since I’ve been MIA from this little space for quite some time!) Thanks Kerri for the nomination. :)

Here are Kerri’s questions and my answers:

1. Where’s your fav vacation destination?

I absolutely love going to our family beach house. There’s no adgenda, no hustle or bustle, just sitting on the beach with a book and a cold beer every day. So perfect…Here are some pictures from our most recent beach trip.

2. How about fav dream destination?

I would LOVE to go to the Caribbean. St Thomas or St Lucia look heavenly.

3. Why and when did you start blogging?

So technically I started blogging back in 2009 when I studied abroad in Italy. I wrote detailed posts about life there and what we did on a daily basis. I’ve since lost that website, but had all of the posts turned into a coffee table book with lots of pictures. I picked up blogging again last summer (I missed my blog’s birthday!!!) because I was bored and thought it would be fun. I’ve obviously fallen off the grid several times and vowed to post more frequently, but real life tends to get in the way.

4. Who was the first blogger you started following/or one that first inspired you?

Jenni @ Story of My Life

5. If you have a themed blog (food, lifestyle, fashion, for example) do you sometimes wish it were a different theme?

I don’t really think my blog has a theme, IDK. You tell me what the theme is here. I would love for my blog to be a fashion blog, but I’m pretty plain-Jane when it comes to clothes and accessories. I just think it would be fun. I have my clothes sent to me in the mail, and I already have a post drafted about it for next week!

6. When are you coming to visit me next? (selfish question)

In FEBRUARY! I’m doing the Disney Princess again :)

7. What’s your fav adult beverage?

Probably Margaritas. Or Wine. Both things I drank on my blate with Kerri

8. Ultimate way to relax after a rough day?

Usually curling up in bed with a glass bottle of wine and watching a movie will cheer me up. Or a good vent session with friends that just get it.

9. Are you a pet person? And if so, tell us about your fur baby.

I have two dogs, and I love them to pieces. See here:



10. Is your planner/calendar preferred to be on your phone or in a legit notebook planner?

I’ve tried it both ways. I have a Whitney English planner that I use from time to time and then I have the exact same information stored in my calendar on my phone.

11. Tupac or Biggie?

Um. Neither? :/ dont judge.

So next I list 11 facts about myself:

1. I suck at blogging. I love it, but I can never make time for it.

2. I almost always have some degree of heartburn.

3. My favorite perfume is Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture

4. The last movie I purchased was “What About Bob” … Hilarious movie.

5. I sleep in the smack-dab middle of the bed. Which is also why I will be single forever.

6. Like Kerri, I am also the oldest child.

7. I like to sit in aisle seats on airplanes.

8. I love that I no longer have to take my contacts out at the end of the day… LASIK is amazing.

9. I am part of the mafia.

10. My job is overwhelming right now. I need another vacation.

11. I have no idea who to nominate for this award because I already nominated a bunch of people last time! AND the blogs I follow on a regular basis were either nominated by Kerri or have more than 200 followers!

SO, I’m basically treating this like a myspace survey from back in the day… Answer some of these questions in the comments if you feel like it :)

1. What’s your favorite NFL Football team?

2. How many times do you brush your teeth a day?

3. What is your favorite quote?

4. What is your favorite pinterest board? Meaning, what’s the board you pin to the most .. Links please :)

5. Have you ever been skydiving? Would you consider it, or how was it?

6. What is your go-to movie theatre snack?

7. How do you take your coffee in the morning? If you don’t drink coffee, HOW DO YOU STAY AWAKE?????

8. Have you ever broken a bone? Tell me the story.

9. How often do you go shopping?

10. I’m running out of ideas for questions because it’s late and I’m tired… SOOO just leave me corny-joke in the comments.

11. What’s your favorite show to binge watch on Netflix? I need new shows to watch.

THE END. Thanks again, Kerri! :)


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