Grandma’s 90th Birthday

It’s not everyday that one of your family members turn 90!! We had a lovely Labor Day weekend filled with lots of family from out of town… Here are just a few pictures from our celebration on Sunday!


My grandma, bless her heart, was so overwhelmed by all of the people that came out to celebrate HER… At one point, while everyone else was setting up, she looked at me with tears in her eyes and said “I just wish Howard was here.” (Howard is my grandpa, who died 9 years ago). And all I could do was look back at her with tears in MY eyes and say “Me too, Grandma.”

grandmas2 grandmas4

There are 16 grandchildren, and this is likely the first time in at least 9 years that all 16 of us have been in the same room at the same time. It’s a little difficult, since the age difference between the oldest and the youngest is roughly 35 years!


5 children, 16 grandchildren, and 24 great-grandchildren (soon to be 25!) … As my sister put it, She’s the Queen! (or, matriarch.) Happy 90th birthday, Grandma! We love you so so much!

…..even though she’ll never see this because I’m 99% sure she’s never used a computer. :)


5 comments on “Grandma’s 90th Birthday

  1. That’s quite the milestone! It’s so cool that all of the family got together! I know my own cousins and I haven’t all been together in the same place in 10 years–it’s hard to gather so many people!

    1. RIGHT?! Especially when they live all over the place! I see my cousins that live in Cincinnati fairly regularly… But the out of town cousins don’t make it up here very often. It was a ton of fun!

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