August Stitch Fix (!!!)

I have recently fallen in LOVE with stitch fix. If you’re unfamiliar, Stitch Fix is a personal styling service through the mail (kinda like Birchbox). You fill out a style profile, link up your pinterest boards, twitter, linkedin, etc, and a stylist will select 5 pieces (accessories and clothes) to send you on a bi-weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly basis. You pay a $20 styling fee, which gets applied to anything that you buy, and if you choose to buy everything they sent you, you get a 25% discount. I signed up on a whim, because another blog I follow had been posting pictures of what she was receiving, and I thought this would be a good way to get new clothes without having to go to the mall.

I got my first box back in June and kept all 5 pieces they sent me. I wear all 5 of them ALL the time and get SO many compliments on the shirts they sent. They sent a pair of jeans that have quickly become my favorites, and I’m pretty sure I wore them every day last week. When I originally signed up, I selected the bi-monthly boxes, thinking 5 new items every month was a bit much… But since I loved everything I got SO much, I decided to switch to monthly boxes. But, I still had to wait two months for my next fix. FINALLY, my August box came last week!!!

I not-so-patiently waited for this box to arrive. I had SUPER high expectations because of how awesome my June box was. When I got the notification saying my box was delivered, I literally could not wait another second to find out what was inside. SO, I went on the website and acted like I was going to check-out to see what items were in my box (like I said, not patient). I then googled each and every item and found other bloggers that had received these same items in their boxes… complete with pictures and everything. SO, since I said on last week that I would love for this to be a fashion/style blog, here I am, posting pictures of what I bought in the hopes that someone as impatient as me googles what’s in their box and stumbles across my blog. I also linked the blogs that I found while doing my internet stalking.


Blog: I love boxes

I see myself wearing this shirt a lot. Because I could easily pair it with a cardigan to wear to work in both the summer and the fall. I would pair it with some dark jeans or a colorful pair of shorts.


Verdict: KEEP!


Blog: Stay at Home Artist

I might be the only 20-something girl that does not already own a Chambray shirt. I think I’ve pinned 50 outfits that included one, but could never find one that I liked… Until now. Last week, I wore this both with my work pants and with a pair of leggings. You can’t tell in the picture, but it’s long enough to cover my booty.


Verdict: Keeping. And ironing… So wrinkly from being shoved in my suitcase


Blog: Confessions of A Cookbook Queen (also, totally envious of her coral version of this shirt… Makes my gray color look boring)

I love everything about this shirt. The fabric is SO soft, and it’s a basic enough color that I can wear it with anything! I love the detailing on the back, even though my hair is too long to see it.


Verdict: Obviously keeping.


Blog: Thirty-Something Mother Runner

This is probably my favorite piece from the whole box. Since I’m 5’9″, I have a hard time finding maxi skirts and dresses that actually reach the floor, and this one would drag if I wore it like I normally have to wear my skirts. I am obsessed with the pattern and colors and I will wear this a lot. I wore it to my grandma’s party on Sunday, even though it was a million degrees and humid as hell outside…


Verdict: Wearing as I type, so obviously keeping.


Blog: Samantha Chic

I love these bangles… The look great with my David Yurman ring, but are a fraction of the cost of an actual Yurman.


Verdict: If I wasn’t going to keep the other items, I probably would have sent them back… But after the 25% discount for purchasing everything, I basically got these for free.. So, Keep.

Total for all 5 items minus the $20 styling fee and the 25% discount for buying the whole box = $217.32 … Easily $150 less than a day of retail therapy at the mall.

Oh yeah, if you sign up using my referral link, I get $25 … So if you’re thinking of signing up, use this link and I’ll buy you a Starbucks. :)

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