Hey y’all! I’m linking up again for Runners Tell All! My favorite link-up series :)

September’s Prompt: Race Bucket List

What races would you love to do if you had the time/money? These can be as realistic or unrealistic as you want!

I had this crazy idea one day while I was stuck in my walking boot that instead of training for a full marathon, I would try to do 30 half marathons by my 30th birthday… I turned 25 last week, so that gives me just over 5 years to complete 26 halfs (I’ve already done 4, and I’m registered for 5 and 6). I’m calling it #jessdoes30by30 … I’m officially crazy. I have a google doc and everything.

That also means that my Race Bucket List has turned in to a list of races that I will eventually need to do in order to reach my goal… So in addition to running every local half marathon for the next 5 years (like the Flying Pig, Queen Bee, Air Force, etc.), I’ll likely be participating in the following at some point:

Disney’s Wine and Dine Half Marathon… Because who doesn’t want to have a late-night exclusive party in Epcot?!

NYC Half Marathon … Mostly because I’ve never been to NYC and it sounds like a good time!

Nike Womens Half Marathon in Washington DC. Or San Fran. IDK, maybe both?

NFL Hall of Fame Half Marathon in Akron, Ohio… Mostly because the metal is pretty cool. And sometimes pro football players run it too.

Kentucky Derby Half Marathon … mostly because it’s close. But really, it probably has a cool medal. And I’m all about that bling, bout that bling.

Rock and Roll Nashville Half Marathon … because I love Nashville, and drinking after the race just sounds so much better with live country music.

London Royal Parks Half Marathon … Because then I’ll have done 13.1 in 3 different countries, and that’s cool

Are any of these on your bucket list too??!

8 comments on “#JessDoes30by30

  1. I’ve run the Nike DC Half (it’s first year) and it was an amazing time with my friends! And I loved RNR Nashville (the full.) My husband has run the half. I actually ran their full three times, and I have great memories from each! (London is also on my list.)

  2. i’ve done the KY derby half marathon twice – it’s pretty awesome! i’d love to do the nike women’s in san fran, i didnt know it was in washington as well, so cool!

  3. I love reading all the link ups post and getting more ideas for races haha. I love your 30by30 goal! I’ll be 24 next month and will be doing #5 in December. I would love to do a half in a different country – I’m checking out that London race now!

  4. That is the best goal! I’m 7 halfs in and 3 years away from 30…you have me doing some mental math now haha!
    I want to do a Disney race just because there’s so much hype, but I don’t want to run in the Florida sun so I think Wine and Dine would be perfect.

  5. YES to the RnR Nashville and the Nike Women’s half. Both of those are on my list as well. Running to country music? Yes, please.

  6. I would absolutely LOVE to join you for every single one of these race. Every single one! Love this list!!! Some were on my list…and I somehow forgot the Nike Women’s and Wine and Dine…but both have been on my mental list for awhile. Let me know if you sign up for the NYC Half. I did it last year and actually set a PR. One of my fave races in NYC for sure!! And good luck with your 30 by 30!! :)

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