OH HAI GUYS! Remember me??

I cannot believe that I only blogged like, 30 times in all of 2014 (mostly at the beginning of the year too!) … Shame on me. I will allow you one minute to throw garbage at me for being such a terrible blogger.

But in all seriousness.

At the end of 2014, I took a good, hard look at what I had made a priority over the last 12 months. And I honestly did not like what I came up with. I put work as my prime concern, spending 31 weeks traveling, countless nights and weekends spent hunched over a computer, and I have nothing to show for it (other than a paycheck and some emails thanking me for being so dedicated). I fooled myself into thinking that if I worked hard to prove myself now, that 5 years from now I wouldn’t have to work such crazy hours. In the consulting industry, that’s simply not true. So when my boss asked me, “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”, I had to really consider if I saw myself working 12-14 hour days and traveling every week while potentially sacrificing my personal ideas, like getting married and having some babies. And I decided that work can’t be my sole focus anymore. And so I took a different job with another company.

I also took a look at how I intended to use this space in 2015. In October, I chose to repurchase my domain… One that isn’t exactly cheap, but worth it if I actually blog and dedicate the time to building relationships with other bloggers. And I’m hoping with the new job, I’ll actually have time after work to do something other than work out, eat, shower, and sleep. And lezzbehonest, most days I don’t even work out.

I’ve got some other¬†stereotypical¬†New Years Resolutions like – do 5 half marathons, read 25 books, pay off $12,000 in student loan debt (super inspired by Erin over at Love, Fun, and Football for paying off all her student loan debt… AND She’s a fellow Bengals fan!), stop hitting the snooze button so much, etc. But I wanted to make 2015 about more than just a checklist of things to accomplish. I want to measure it in feelings and connections and things that can’t be measured. So that in 365 days, I’m not staring at a list of things I might have got around to doing if I wasn’t working so darn much. I want God to show up in BIG ways this year, which means I have to do BIG things!

All of that to say that I’m back. And I plan on showing up around here so much more in 2015. I even have ideas for posts for the coming weeks! THAT NEVER HAPPENS!


6 comments on “I’M ALIVE!

  1. i’m so happy for you!! i’m going through some things related to the work front that i totally get sister. 2015 is going to be an AMAZING year for both of us! i feel it already! xoxo


  2. I’m happy for your new goals, your new job! You are right work is not everything!! Enjoy your life. I’m happy to read you again ;-)

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