My 40-day GSC Training Plan

I’ve learned that I do not have the foresight to train for races. I’m very fortunate that I’m relatively athletic and healthy and can still run/walk 13 miles without training. But do I wish I could finish those and still walk the next day? Or finish them in a decent time? Sometimes.

In 39 days, I am running in the glass slipper challenge at disney world. That’s a 10k on saturday and a half on sunday. I did it last year, and I think I went temporarily insane when I thought it would be a good idea to sign up again. Perhaps because I love Disney World, and any excuse to go is a good excuse in my book! I came up with a loose plan to train from now until February 20th.

January GSC PlanFebruary GSC Plan

For those that are wondering, that’s 123.75 miles of training and 19.3 magical miles of racing! I did my one mile today (I would have done more, but I was super hungry.)

Anyone else running during Princess Weekend??

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  1. i’m not running bc i’m terrible at it. BUT i’ll be visiting with you because we must! yay for blate 2015!

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