January in Review / February Goals

January was a REALLY fun month! So much happened that it’s hard to believe it was ONLY one month long.

On December 31st, I found out I was going to be offered a new job, and on January 2nd, that offer showed up in my email! I accepted on January 3rd, put in my notice on January 5th, and started my new job on January 26th! It’s only been a week and a half at the new gig, but I can already tell this is going to be so much better than my last job. With my travel greatly reduced, I get to come home and cook dinner every night (a huge adjustment)! It was really sad leaving my old job, but I truly think that this will offer a greater work/life balance and will give me some semblance of a normal life. The future is bright, y’all!


I traveled to Las Vegas with my girlfriends for a fantastic weekend! (Are you traveling there soon too? Check out my travel tips HERE.) We had the best time! I wish we could go back and spend more time there together, but it’s hella expensive and I’m on a budget! ha.


I found out that I’ll be going on a mission trip with my church to Cape Town, South Africa this Memorial Day!!! I’ll be going with 29 others and we will be working with Orchard: Africa primarily in Khayelitsha which is the largest slum in South Africa. Orchard: Africa has a proven track record effecting change in rural communities. The trip will be mainly kid-focused activities (which is perfect, because I LOVE kids!) I’m so excited to step out in faith and to go love on the kids of Cape Town! If you feel inclined to donate financially to my trip, you can do so by clicking HERE… Otherwise, prayers are appreciated!


Some other stats from January:

Favorite song … Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars … I think we listened to this 500 times while we were in Vegas. One of my friends even performed a drunken, dramatic reading of the lyrics and it was hilarious.

Seasons of Friends watched … 5

Number of times I ate sushi … 6

Books read … 1 (ouch!)

Number of times I cried at work … 1 … I started thinking about dogs that don’t get adopted and then get euthanized and I got really sad. #ADOPTDONTSHOP YALL

Miles Ran … 50

Dollars won while gambling in Vegas … 41

Number of times I went to bed before 9pm … 4 #imagrandma


No Restaurants! Except when I go to Disney… In an attempt to save money, I’m not dining out AT ALL this month. Unless I’m going out with my parents. Or on a date (HA!).

Run a Half Marathon! Disney Princess this month! :)

Only snooze 1 time every morning.

Lose 5 pounds.

Happy February! :)


6 comments on “January in Review / February Goals

  1. also on your list? meeting up with me! haha just kidding that’s not a goal because it WILL happen :) congrats again on the new job! so happy for you to get into a new routine- it’ll be so nice! cheers for a fantastic february!


  2. Good luck not hitting that snooze button more than once. I am working on using the snooze button less myself this month. This first week has not been off to a good start. Why is it so hard to get out of bed in the morning??

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