Currently …

Watching … Property Brothers. I’m obsessed. They make me want to renovate a house. I’m also watching Friends on Netflix. It’s my favorite.

Drinking … Gatorade. Freshly back from the gym and still not ready to drink alcohol after the horror that was my hangover this weekend.

Eating¬†… Peanut Butter Patty Girl Scout Cookies. WHY, WHY did I let those little girls at Kroger talk me into them??? Zero Self Control.

Pinning … Home Decor ideas for my new place (that hasn’t even been found or purchased yet). I’m thinking purple/gray/white for the bedroom. Think this:

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 5.56.50 PMReading … If I Stay. I’ve heard I’ll probably cry.

Needing … To do some spring cleaning. And probably some packing, since a move is imminent.

Wanting … To redesign my blog again. must. stay. away. from. photoshop.


7 comments on “Currently …

  1. ha i love this list – and love that you’re blogging more! i read “if i stay” and it wasn’t my fav but it was way better than the movie. :) happy thursday! xo

  2. Obsessed with Property Brothers!! I seriously just want to gut my house and remodel everything after watching it! I can’t imagine my husband would really be happy if I did that…

  3. Hahahaha cookies are my weakness. I just got a packet of cookies for myself ;) I was so super controlled until I actually opened the packet. I think I lasted 48 hours ;) they’re slowly disappearing one by ten now haha. #noshame

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