July in Review / August Goals

Looking back, July didn’t seem all that busy … But I feel like I was constantly on the move! With the all-star game in town and various other activities with my friends, I feel like every day had some sort of activity planned. One thing I sucked with this month was taking pictures! Looking through my camera roll on my phone, I think there are less than 20 from the whole month … Shame on me.

The month started with a really low-key fourth of July weekend. I spent the day at the pool with my mom, then we did what all Americans should do on Independence Day … We went out for Mexican food. ;)

I did the color run with two of my three sisters and we had a lot of fun! We might have overdid it a bit though, because we were the most colored as we walked out of the finish line party.

IMG_0259.JPG IMG_0252.JPG

My housewarming party was towards the end of the month, and I was so happy to show off my new place to my friends and family! The day I had it was not only brutally hot, but also rainy at times. But people came and went enough that it never felt too crowded inside my place, but I was hoping for a nice day so we could be outside!! My parents helped me out a bunch with food and beer, and I had so much fun the entire day! :)

The last weekend in July, I set off to Ireland for work! I got to explore Dublin, go on a musical pub crawl with my coworker, and have a calm week in the Irish Country-side. All-in-all it was a great week, and I cannot wait to go back (mostly because I’m in love with Guinness and I need more.) The weather in Ireland in the summer is so different than in Ohio … It felt like fall and had me craving pumpkin spice lattes, ugg boots, and scarves. #BASIC

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Other July Fun Facts:

– Enjoyed my first Brazilian Steakhouse experience. Food Coma doesn’t even begin to describe.

– Finished 3 books! The Storied Life of AJ Fikry (really boring- I do not recommend), ┬áReconstructing Amelia (enjoyed for the most part), and The Girl On The Train (i recommend if you liked Gone Girl).

– Completed the first 4 weeks of BBG … Hardest workout program ever. But I’m seeing and feeling results, so it’s working!

August Goals:

– Run the Rock-n-Roll Dublin half marathon on 8/2!

– In the 3 weeks I’m home this month, I want to cook at home at least 4 nights a week.

– Limit alcohol intake during the week … I think I drank too much when I was in Ireland.

– Read 3 books. I’m currently reading “Love Does” by Bob Goff and I picked up a few new ones at a bookstore in Ireland.

August is going to be a busy one! I start off in Ireland, then head to Poland for work and England to visit my uncle. Then at the end of the month, I head off to the Dominican Republic for a long weekend! BRING IT ON!!! :)


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  1. you are traveling ALL over girl and that’s awesome! and look at you continuing with the half marathon train. so proud :) brb off to book some kind of trip to try to keep up with you ha xo


    1. ;) the half marathon train is bringing me back to Orlando on November 6th! And we must hang out again!!!

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