Happy Birthday to Objessions!

So, we’ve already established that I’m a terrible blogger (although I have blogged 3 times this week, which pretty much classifies me as a professional).

Last year, I forgot my blogs first birthday. When I realized this, I vowed that I would do something “special” for my second birthday… Meaning I would buy a cupcake, take a picture of it, and then shove it into my mouth-hole. And maybe buy myself a new blog design on etsy.

But, I forgot my blog’s second birthday, which was last Wednesday. I blame Ireland.

Pretend that this is the cupcake that I ate that day… And when I get back to the states next week, I will go buy myself one and eat it in record time. And maybe i’ll redesign my blog again. TBD.

As a celebration, here are some bloggy statistics.

Total Views : 18,787

Total Posts : 102 – man, i missed that milestone too.

Weirdest search engine terms :  “peed in traffic”, “rearrange this s s u p o l e r n e i f d”, and finally “big piss flaps on small teens 2min vids” – mildly disturbing.

Most popular post : Crockpot Mac and Cheese (thanks, Pinterest!)

Thanks for following along! Here’s to more years of intermittent blogging!


One comment on “Happy Birthday to Objessions!

  1. haha you crack me up – still love your blog and and – you’re the first blogger i met in real life – so that’s a fun milestone to add to the list “popped kerri’s blogger meet up cherry” > is that weird? lol


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