friday favorites – Poland Edition

I’ve spent the last week hanging out working in Warsaw, Poland! If I’m being honest, Poland was never high on my wanderlust bucket list, but I’m so glad I was sent here for work, because it’s pretty darn cool!


  • Old Town, Warsaw … Most of the city was basically flattened during world war 2, so there isn’t a ton of “history” here like there was in Dublin. But Old Town was restored after the war ended to look and feel exactly as it did before the war. I so enjoyed hanging out here after work on Wednesday and having some real pierogies for dinner! Everyone totally judged me for using a selfie stick.


  • Espresso. One thing I truly hate is a weak cup of coffee. The office I was working in had the perfect espresso machine and I probably had two shots of espresso every day. Now I’m convinced that I need to get an espresso machine for myself. coughmybirthdayiscomingupnextmonthcoughcough.
  • Pierogies. nom nom nom. I wish I could bring all of these back with me because they were seriously the most delicious. They even had DESSERT pierogies.



  • Dill … Seriously, the poles put that shit on everything. yuck.

Now off to London for the weekend to hang out with my uncle!! Have a lovely weekend, kids! :)


Also, 4 blog posts in 1 week?! I should get a medal for that.

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  1. your travels are making me TRES jealous but it’s also rad reading about it. keep it up girl! look at you blogging all the time – you got this! xoxo

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