One Third of the Way There!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen … It’s official. On Saturday I ran the Queen Bee Half Marathon and passed the one-third point in the 30 before 30 quest!!! (insert celebration dance!) On one hand, I find it incredible that I’ve already ran 10 half marathons, and on the other hand, I’m struggling to think I have to run 20 more of these! ¬†I didn’t take a single picture before or during the race, so this is a very word-heavy recap!

Friday afternoon I left work a little bit early to get down to the expo. I needed to have my hamstring taped up, because for whatever reason, it had been sore the entire week leading up to the race. And despite my constant stretching and foam rolling, the pain wasn’t going away. I met my friend Kelsey on Fountain Square and we collected our bibs/bags and roamed around the expo. When I say roamed, I mean we aimlessly walked around the entire event 6 or 7 times before deciding we had seen/bought everything we wanted to see/buy. But we couldn’t leave without Kelsey embarrassing us by spilling her green juice all over herself/the floor/her swag bag. (In her defense, the bag she was carrying all her stuff in broke and the glass juice jar shattered).

I spent the rest of Friday night resting and watching Grey’s Anatomy reruns while eating pasta and drinking gatorade out of a wine glass. Class all day.

Saturday morning rolls around, and I’m just begging myself for a PR… I mean, I’m doing my 10th half marathon on 10/10, I have to go for it, right?! I foam rolled my entire body before I left and I hopped in the car literally 30 minutes before the race was supposed to start. I parked, went into the casino to go to the bathroom again and ran into my friend Rachael :). We chatted inside where it was warm until about 10 minutes before the gun went off, and then we made our way to the “hives”. We ran into our friend Lauren as the gun was going off and muttered some encouragements to each other before going our separate ways.

The first mile was¬†basically all up hill, so I couldn’t sprint off like I normally tend to do. However, it was much warmer than I anticipated, and before the first mile marker, I was ready to strip down to my tank top and ditch my lightweight jacket. Stupid Jess decided to pin her bib to the outer jacket instead of the tank top, so I had to switch it to my tank top on the side of the road.

Mile 2 ran right past my apartment, just like the flying pig. Except this time, I wasn’t bleeding from my knee and begging for a break. I need to remember to put a sign in my window next year! Running through my hood was easy and comfortable, and the first four miles honestly flew by so fast. Before I knew it, I was running into Mt. Lookout.

Then mile 5 hit. And my body turned on me. I had passed several port-a-potties along the way, but decided to keep going until I made it to the next one, because I didn’t have to go that bad and there were lines. Ugh, until mile 5. All I can remember about mile 5 is that I thought I was going to poop my pants. I was forced to walk because if I ran, I thought I might lose it. Literally. (TMI?) I seriously considered asking people standing on the side of the road if I could use their bathrooms. Until I finally found one right past the square. I’ve never been so excited in my life. I bee-lined (pun intended) to the bathroom, and luckily there was no line.

Miles 6-12 were uneventful for the most part. The course entertainment was much better than last year’s, and there were people scattered throughout the whole course. I never had to run more than a hundred yards or so without someone cheering. The station I was most looking forward to was at mile 11… The Chippendales!!! Who wouldn’t run 11 miles to get a close up look of some of those abs… Insert heart-eye emoji. Imagine my disappointment when I get to mile 11 to find old men wearing tuxedo t-shirts. Funny Joke …. NOT!

By the time I turned the corner toward the finish line, I was just ready to be finished so that I could have my post-race mimosa or 7. I was already 5 minutes behind my PR, so I think I was running toward the finish line, but I easily could have been walking. Everything hurt. Once I crossed the finish line, I got my medal, finishers gift, banana, and Mylar blanket and headed to my friends apartment across the street.

The rest of Saturday was spent celebrating with a few friends down in OTR. We had Bakersfield margs and tacos for lunch, and hit up City Flea. I finally made it to Taft’s Ale House, and then capped off the day with a family dinner. The best way to celebrate 131 racing miles!!


Only 262 racing miles to go… Ugh. Why did I want to do this again???

Next up, the Disney Wine and Dine on November 7th! :)


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  1. You’re awesome! Seriously! I’m going to be running my first 5K on Thanksgiving morning and am already kind of freaking out so I can’t imagine running a half, let alone 10. Keep it up!

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