2015 in Review

Man, WHAT. A. YEAR. It’s a little overwhelming thinking about summing up the last 365 days because in many ways, 2015 exceeded every expectation (intentionally or unintentionally!) set. Read on to see why 2015 has been the best year ever!!

On January 5th, 2015, I quit the job I once thought was my “dream job”. For a while, the unpredictability was charming and fun, and it never failed to provide a good story to tell at family get-togethers about my crazed life on the road. But toward the end of 2014, I started to crave a 9-5 desk job that offered a little more stability. And as it turns out, my new job is much more than just stable. I still get to travel, but significantly less, and to better destinations! In 2015, I went to Mexico, Ireland, and Poland. And in 2016, I’ll (hopefully) go to Scotland, France, and Malaysia (each twice!). I’ve found the elusive work-life balance… even though work still finds its way into my subconscious while I’m sleeping on occasion!

Even though I didn’t travel as much for work this year, I still got around. I went to Vegas in January, Florida in February, Mexico in April, South Africa in May, Ireland in July, Poland, England, and New Orleans in August, Florida and Nashville in September, and finally Florida in November. 11 trips, 5 countries, 63,000 airline miles. I hope 2016 is just as exciting!!

Man, I ran the shit out of 2015! I’m being pretty literal about that… Because I ran 6 half marathons. I kicked off the year with the Glass Slipper Challenge (and a killer vacation with my BFF to Hogwarts). I was super proud of my PR from the Princess Half (my favorite race ever), until two weeks later, when I beat it again during the Heart Half here in Cincinnati (also… my least favorite race ever). Next up was the Flying Pig, where I tripped and busted up my knee and then ran 8 more miles. I ran my second international half marathon in August while I just so happened to be in Dublin for work (that was a smelly one!). My TENTH half marathon was the Queen Bee in on 10/10 (would have loved to PR that one, but it’s a tough course!). And finally, my half of a half marathon was the Wine and Dine in November (still counting it). Of the 5 real half marathons I ran this year, all 5 of them were under 3 hours, and they rank 1-5 on my fastest races I’ve ran. I’m super proud of myself for growing so much as a runner this year, and can’t want to see what the next year has in store! Maybe I’ll break 2:30??!!?

2015 was the year I became a HOMEOWNER!!! After much help from my mom, I closed on my new condo in April, and moved in the very next day (and did minimal packing, which made for a long/stressful moving process). I have the most polarizing feelings about actually being a homeowner. Yes, it’s a better financial decision, but UGH, some days it feels like a money pit. I’m constantly wanting to upgrade little things around the condo and buy new end-tables and pillows and decorations, and the door needs to be replaced, and the windows are leaking and so on and so forth. Hopefully in 2016, I’ll be able to finish off my honey-do list and really feel settled in my new place!

Some of my new years resolutions from last year did not make it through the new year… I wanted to read 25 books; I only read 18. I wanted to pay off $12,000 in debt; I took on over $150,000 in new debt (granted, it’s house debt, so it’s not terrible). I wanted to stop hitting the snooze button; that DEFINITELY didn’t happen. It might be worse than last year. BUT, I did follow through with a few resolutions! I wanted to run 5 half marathons; I ran 6! I wanted to donate my hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. And even if it was a resolution from 2014, in April I donated 8 beautiful inches to a woman in need of a wig.

With my last years resolutions (failed and otherwise) in mind, I came up with a few goals for this year. I want to get back to spending 10 minutes every day cleaning something around my home. I want to make my bed every day. I want to do 6 half marathons. I want to cook a new recipe once a week. I want to pack my lunch 4 times a week or more. I want to read 26 books (ambitious, I know).

I think my #2015bestnine sums up this year pretty well… Even though I posted the picture of Olaf and I last Christmas…


All the glory be to God, though. Through him, all this is possible. May he bless 2016 and all that it has in store. For me and for you.

Happy New Year friends!!!


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  1. What a fantastic 2015 for you! Happy new year, looking forward to seeing all that 2016 has to offer!

  2. what a year – full of running and friends and travel and fantastic memories! so glad i got to see you again and hope that it’s a yearly thing! so fun :) cheers to an amazing new year girl!

    xoxo cheshire kat

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