I was nominated again.

I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award before, but I figured since my pal Kerri, nominated me again this week, I thought I would go ahead and participate (since I’ve been MIA from this little space for quite some time!) Thanks Kerri for the nomination. :)

Here are Kerri’s questions and my answers:

1. Where’s your fav vacation destination?

I absolutely love going to our family beach house. There’s no adgenda, no hustle or bustle, just sitting on the beach with a book and a cold beer every day. So perfect…Here are some pictures from our most recent beach trip.

2. How about fav dream destination?

I would LOVE to go to the Caribbean. St Thomas or St Lucia look heavenly.

3. Why and when did you start blogging?

So technically I started blogging back in 2009 when I studied abroad in Italy. I wrote detailed posts about life there and what we did on a daily basis. I’ve since lost that website, but had all of the posts turned into a coffee table book with lots of pictures. I picked up blogging again last summer (I missed my blog’s birthday!!!) because I was bored and thought it would be fun. I’ve obviously fallen off the grid several times and vowed to post more frequently, but real life tends to get in the way.

4. Who was the first blogger you started following/or one that first inspired you?

Jenni @ Story of My Life

5. If you have a themed blog (food, lifestyle, fashion, for example) do you sometimes wish it were a different theme?

I don’t really think my blog has a theme, IDK. You tell me what the theme is here. I would love for my blog to be a fashion blog, but I’m pretty plain-Jane when it comes to clothes and accessories. I just think it would be fun. I have my clothes sent to me in the mail, and I already have a post drafted about it for next week!

6. When are you coming to visit me next? (selfish question)

In FEBRUARY! I’m doing the Disney Princess again :)

7. What’s your fav adult beverage?

Probably Margaritas. Or Wine. Both things I drank on my blate with Kerri

8. Ultimate way to relax after a rough day?

Usually curling up in bed with a glass bottle of wine and watching a movie will cheer me up. Or a good vent session with friends that just get it.

9. Are you a pet person? And if so, tell us about your fur baby.

I have two dogs, and I love them to pieces. See here:



10. Is your planner/calendar preferred to be on your phone or in a legit notebook planner?

I’ve tried it both ways. I have a Whitney English planner that I use from time to time and then I have the exact same information stored in my calendar on my phone.

11. Tupac or Biggie?

Um. Neither? :/ dont judge.

So next I list 11 facts about myself:

1. I suck at blogging. I love it, but I can never make time for it.

2. I almost always have some degree of heartburn.

3. My favorite perfume is Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture

4. The last movie I purchased was “What About Bob” … Hilarious movie.

5. I sleep in the smack-dab middle of the bed. Which is also why I will be single forever.

6. Like Kerri, I am also the oldest child.

7. I like to sit in aisle seats on airplanes.

8. I love that I no longer have to take my contacts out at the end of the day… LASIK is amazing.

9. I am part of the mafia.

10. My job is overwhelming right now. I need another vacation.

11. I have no idea who to nominate for this award because I already nominated a bunch of people last time! AND the blogs I follow on a regular basis were either nominated by Kerri or have more than 200 followers!

SO, I’m basically treating this like a myspace survey from back in the day… Answer some of these questions in the comments if you feel like it :)

1. What’s your favorite NFL Football team?

2. How many times do you brush your teeth a day?

3. What is your favorite quote?

4. What is your favorite pinterest board? Meaning, what’s the board you pin to the most .. Links please :)

5. Have you ever been skydiving? Would you consider it, or how was it?

6. What is your go-to movie theatre snack?

7. How do you take your coffee in the morning? If you don’t drink coffee, HOW DO YOU STAY AWAKE?????

8. Have you ever broken a bone? Tell me the story.

9. How often do you go shopping?

10. I’m running out of ideas for questions because it’s late and I’m tired… SOOO just leave me corny-joke in the comments.

11. What’s your favorite show to binge watch on Netflix? I need new shows to watch.

THE END. Thanks again, Kerri! :)


Don’t Try So Hard

If you read my post last week, you know that I’m currently sitting on the sandy beaches of South Carolina enjoying vacation with part of my family.

Vacation with family for me means a lot of sun, comfy clothes, and ZERO makeup. I might put on a few swipes of mascara before heading to church, and I’ll put on a fresh face when we go out to dinner at the end of the week. But my makeup bag basically stays in the drawer. I’m really not trying to impress anyone, and I don’t really see anyone walking between the house and my beach chair (a whopping 40 steps). This week is for reading books, playing games with my cousins, sipping margaritas, enjoying home cooking from my aunts and uncles, and most importantly, rinsing myself of stress and responsibility.

And I spend the whole week feeling sun-kissed and beautiful.


Even though I don’t feel the need to wear makeup all the time in my everyday life, it feels nice to go naked for a week.


This post is part of the Don’t Try So Hard linkup sponsored by the “Florkens”, Jade and Oak, and Treasure Tromp.


reading: Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban. For the third time. Vacation is for re-reading favorite books. Next book on tap will be God and The Gay Christian.

drinking: a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. I think I’m having an identity crisis. I find myself ordering it far more than Pinot Grigio these days.



eating: crab cake with lemon aioli from the bar at the airport. It’s out of this world delicious.

dreaming: about my vacation that begins in 14 hours.

dreading: going back to work. In 10 days.

missing: my best friend.

wearing: my work clothes. Because I forgot to change before I checked my bags. My shirt came from my most recent stitchfix … And I love it. I bought my pants at Gap and I literally wear them every day.

feeling: so excited for vacation. I’m going to completely unplug from work for an entire week and it’s going to be amazing.

planning: adventures for my next trip to Traverse City. Definitely want to rent a jetski, do some stand up paddle boarding, and … Work. I have the best job.

watching: the office on Netflix for the umpteenth time. I just love that show.

still annoyed by: the New Yorker next to me at the airport bar. Realized she’s on my flight. “IM JUST GONNA BE LIKE ‘DAD, MY GODFATHER GOT ME A WEDDING PRESENT FROM IRELAND AND IM GOING TO OPEN IT IN FRONT OF HIM AND I DONT CARE THAT HE DIVORCED AUNT KATHY.” How is this girl getting married and I’m still single AF??

Runners Tell All – Part 2

I loved the Runners Tell All Linkup SO much last month, that THIS month, I decided to SPONSOR it… That’s right. SO, YOU can join in the fun by linking up below and see the Rafflecopter for a chance to win this month’s giveaway!

OK, so for the topic this month… My proudest running moment. Though one, guys. How am I supposed to pick just ONE?! If I had to pick a single finish-line moment, I don’t think I would be able to. Obviously I was so proud of myself after my first half, the Disney princess in 2013 (I wrote about it HERE). I wore my medal the entire day, through three airports as I trekked across the country to San Francisco. The woman working the delta counter even announced it to everyone boarding my flight from ATL. I didn’t ask her to do it, but I was so proud of myself, and loved the attention. I was so proud of myself when I finished the flying pig despite injuring myself mid-race. I wrote about it for the last link-up HERE. Doing any kind of distance race takes a lot of mental will-power, fighting through the pain was as much physical as it was mental. I know my next proudest moment will be crossing the finish line of my first FULL marathon in October (God, help me!!!!!!!!). But, One of my coolest race moments was definitely watching my mom cross the finish line of the Princess half this year. She agreed to do it with me (albeit a bit begrudgingly) probably because she felt bad that I wanted to do it so badly and no one else would do it with me. 6-16-2014 7-52-10 AM I knew she could do it, but in the weeks leading up to the race, her knee started to bother her. I know she was nervous about being too slow and being swept at some point along the course (If anything, I was the slow one!) I did a full race/weekend recap HERE.


I mean, look at that finish line photo… There I am, just trying to high five my mom and she’s totally ignoring me. I think my mom would think twice before letting me convince her to do another race. But I’m so proud of her for sticking with me for 13.1 miles. And crossing that finish line with her was my proudest running moment to date. And then I tried to feed Pinocchio some beer. 20140619-181220-65540325.jpg

There will be not one, but TWO giveaway winners this time. Your chances of winning just doubled. And you could win this awesome tank from Old Navy AND a Nuun hydration packet!!

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

AND, if you want to share your proudest running moment, link your post below! Runners Tell All Linkup Rules

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2. Do not share links to unrelated running posts or to your blog’s homepage, or we will have to delete your link. (I’ve done it before too, so I’m not joking.)
3. Please link back to either Beka or Amanda in your post so others can come here and join in! Or grab the button and add it to your post.

A Day in MY life.

Birds flying high
You know how I feel
Sun in the sky
You know how I feel
Breeze driftin’ on by
You know how I feel
It’s a new dawn
It’s a new day
It’s a new life
For me
And I’m fee-


 I can’t do this just yet, Michael Buble. I need 9 more minutes.


YES. It’s Thursday. I get to go home today!!!!!!! After I pack up this disaster….


I wish it took only a few milliseconds to pack that bag. But, how proud are you that I made my first GIF?!

Bag’s packed! Clothes ON! Here’s what I’m wearing today… Feelin a little black and blue, I guess…


Triple-grande, non-fat, skinny vanilla latte. No foam please.

Now I’m making the torturous trek into the office.


I say torturous sarcastically. Because it literally takes 4 minutes to drive there. It actually takes longer to walk from the only open parking spot into the building…


And now I sit in the daily morning meeting. I stay out of the action by choosing to not sit at the table. Certain people have been known to get a little fiesty. I wish I brought popcorn.


After the fireworks at the morning meeting, I make my way back to my “desk” to hang out with my friends. They are excited for the world cup and are supporting U-S-A! (Also, I’m currently sitting pretty in 9th place in the company world cup tournament… The top 10 get prizes!!)


I perform approximately 100 google searches, like this one…

(And no, I did not find answers to this particular question)


South Carolina in the summer, NO THANK YOU. If I’m not on the beach, it is entirely way too hot here.


After my lunch of a salad from Firehouse, I move on to Starbucks #2 of the day.

A grande passion tea lemonade. two pumps of classic sweetener.


And now, I make my way to the airport! only 8 hours* until I’m home!!!

*Ended up being 10 hours, shoot me.



OH NO. I drank this whole cup of water while driving and I’m legit about to pee my pants sitting in traffic!


 This is not what I want to see. If only Fayetteville, North Carolina had a sky club……………


BUT, There is free wifi! I can work on my Runners Tell All post for Saturday!


Dear girl sitting to my left, If you could please refrain from SINGING while sitting next to me in the gate house, I would really appreciate it. If not, these bad boys will cancel you out.


AH, finally on the plane. Only thirty minutes late. This is going to be my in-flight entertainment.


OK, I totally cried reading the story about Meb Keflezighi, the man that won the Boston Marathon this year. I’m also convinced that I need to do a full marathon. Hoping the feeling subsides.

Landing in Concourse D and I have to go to A … Might as well walk. I ended up running in to a man who just stopped walking in a crowded area while waiting to board a train. Then told me to “Watch where I was going” when I ran in to him with my suitcase and body. People these days.


Honestly, what did I ever do in airports without you….


Dinner consists of celery and cheese. And a vodka tonic. And I don’t care what anyone says… Being carded is the worst.


And now, for the next episode of this … NO spoilers please, I’m only on Season 2, episode 1.


THAAAATs not what you want to see… At least it’s only delayed 15 minutes?


OK, Finally on the plane.


ANNNND Home. Only 13 minutes late. No, delta. I do not want to share it with facebook. And no, I did not cry reading runner’s world on this flight too.


The Cincinnati airport looks exactly as you would expect at 11:30 at night… Completely deserted.


30 minutes, One airport parking shuttle ride, and one RUDE shuttle driver later, and I’m HOME.


Sleep forever now, k bye.


Repeat every Thursday from now until the end of time.


So there ya have it. If you’ve ever been curious about what a day in my travel life looks like, that’s just a little photographic journey for ya. Are you as tired as I am??

– Jess

This post appears as part of the Day In The Life hosted by Brittany and Rachel.

How LASIK Changed My Life

When I was in first grade, I wanted glasses and braces more than anything. One day, I wore sunglasses to school and told my teacher that I needed to wear them all the time. She didn’t buy it. There was a girl on my bus that had GLASSES AND BRACES, and I just thought she was the coolest. At the time, I guess I didn’t realize that the glasses and braces didn’t MAKE her cool. She was just a cool person.

Fast forward three years, and I was halfway to being cool. I went to the eye doctor and was told I needed glasses to see the board in school. I picked out two pairs. One had little puppy paw prints on the sides, and the other had Sylvester from looney tunes on the side. I showed up to school the next day with my Sylvester glasses on and I. Felt. Cool. I wore them the whole day and every day after that. Even though I was only supposed to wear them to see the board.

(Side story, I got the other half of my cool “formula” in 8th grade… And spoiler alert, glasses and braces did not make me cool)

Over the course of the next 10 years or so, my vision continued to deteriorate. And to this day, I blame that on little 4th grade me and my need to wear my glasses all the time to feel cool. I switched to contacts in 7th grade and decided I would get lasik surgery at some point in high school. It was really just a matter of when.

I could tell you story after story after story that led me to schedule my LASIK consultation on May 16th. There was an incident on vacation in high school where my contact fell out in the ocean and I had to wear my glasses for the rest of the trip. I’ve left my solution at home and gone on business trips. So arriving at my destination, I would have to buy a new bottle. But the tipping point came one of the weeks that I left my glasses at home and traveled to South Carolina for work. Every night when I took my contacts out, I was useless. I couldn’t do any more work because I couldn’t see my computer. I couldn’t see the TV. So, I basically just had to go to bed.

I threw my hands up one night in my hotel room and thought- enough is enough. I travel 47 weeks a year and I’m going to keep forgetting my glasses and solution and it’s just not worth it anymore. I had my consultation at LasikPlus 36 hours later. The nurse took measurements, dilated my eyes, did tests and finally deemed me a candidate. The doctor said that LASIK was made to help people like me. With how bad my prescription was, LASIK would change my life.

The next 6 days were filled with anxious excitement. I stopped wearing my contacts for good on Saturday, which meant looking like a big nerd in all the pictures from my sisters’ graduation:

My mom drove me to my appointment while I repeatedly expressed how nervous I was. My moms response … “I would be nervous too”. Thanks for the encouragement, mom. I told every person I came across that I was really nervous, and literally every person told me I had no reason to be. But that didn’t make me any less nervous. The surgeon came in and told me it wouldn’t hurt and I would be seeing better in 10 easy minutes. But that didn’t stop me from having a full-blown panic attack when I walked into the “operating room”.

The nurse had me lay down on the table, and I proceeded to FREAK out that my eyes had not been numbed yet. They put the numbing drops in, but they didnt feel numb, which made me freak out even more. They told me that my vision would go black after they placed the little contraption over my eye, which was almost comforting – because I wouldn’t be able to see my eye being cut. I felt some pressure, and my eye almost felt like it was rolling into the back of my head. 17 seconds later, my right eye was cut and they were placing the little doo-dad over my left eye. Everything in  my right eye was blurry, but I felt nothing. When they were all ready, they moved me back under the laser, and I momentarily flinched. Not because it hurt, just as a reflex. They had to pull me back out and replace the suction thingy. Once they did, I felt more pressure, more rolling, and then it was over.

I stood up and one of the assistants walked me over to the second laser. The one that would actually do the LASIK procedure. This one I would be able to see. Again, my right eye went first. There was no pressure like the first laser, but I could see a red light moving back and forth for 17 seconds… And it smelled. Like a tanning bed. But, zero pain. They did my left eye for 18 seconds and before I knew it, I was sitting up, reading the clock on the wall. They warned me that I would have a bruise on my left eye from when I flinched during the first part of the procedure, but that it shouldnt hurt.

Over the course of the next 4-5 hours, my eyes burned. And I felt like I had slept in my contacts and needed to take them out. Per doctors orders, I kept my eyes closed, used artificial tears, and just waited for it to pass. I listened to The Food Network in my parents basement and when I woke up at 4am, I could see. At my post-op appointment, I was already seeing 20/20, less than 24 hours after the procedure. Which was amazing considering when I walked in to the office the day before, I was legally blind.

6 days later, I am amazed at how radical this change has been. I can see blades of grass on the other side of the parking lot at my apartment, where before I would just see green. I can see the clock in the next room. I can see everything. I was so nervous for absolutely no reason, and I missed out on being able to see because I was scared that it would hurt. And for the first time since I was 9 years old, I dont have to wake up and put glasses on. I don’t have to stick my fingers in my eyes twice a day. I don’t have to worry about losing a contact or forgetting my glasses at home. My surgeon kept thanking me… And I told him- Please don’t thank me… I didn’t do anything for you. But YOU changed my life.

Runners Tell All – A Link-Up

I’ve been passively following along with The Lady Okie‘s Runners Tell All monthly link-up. Mostly because I’ve never considered myself enough of a runner to contribute a blog post to the link-up, and up until this point, I’ve been content just reading what others have to say. I particularly liked THIS post from Amanda about poop.

Except this month’s topic is “Share a Running Picture” … And during my race from earlier this month, someone snapped my favorite running picture of me… ever. Most of my pictures from races turn out truly horrific.

But first, you’re going to need a little race recap to understand the feeling behind the photo…

Y’all know I love runDisney races, but man, you have to get up real early for them. You have to be on the bus early and at the pre-race location early and in your corral early or else you simply can’t run. The flying pig was SO different. I guess living close to downtown helps.. But I left my apartment at 5:20, found a parking spot right next to the finish line at 5:25, and was at the starting line at 5:40… And the race didn’t even start until 6:30.

I’m going to preface the rest of this by saying I am not a fast runner… I started out running with the 2:45 pace group, thinking I’d be able to stick with them at least until the hills, and then I might fall a little behind. I was going strong as we crossed the first and second mile markers in Kentucky, and then it all went south for me. First, my entire body started itching. Like, I probably looked like a crazy person running and scratching my arms, legs, head, face, etc. In hindsight, it was probably because of the sweat, but I was convinced I was having some kind of psychotic episode. THEN, my KT tape started peeling. Probably from the sweat and the itching. I couldn’t peel it all the way off, so I just left it flap around. Meanwhile, I was running and itching and trying to keep my tape from peeling for about a mile before all the multitasking caused me to trip. And while I didn’t actually fall down, my foot didn’t quite feel the same after. I slowed down a little bit heading back into Ohio and through downtown because I knew if I kept up my pace, my foot would become a big problem real fast. At 4.5 miles I texted my mom and said “4.5, my foot hurts”.

I kept a 13ish minute mile pace through about mile 7. Then the longest of the hills came. Mile 7 was my slowest at 16:08, and the only thing I could think while running walking up the hill was “ow, ow, ow, i think it’s broken, ow. keep going.” That’s when I saw two of my friends waiting to cheer me on (Thanks Abby and Ryan!!!). I wanted to hug them, but I was all sweaty. I managed a high-five, said something about thinking my foot was broken and then attempted to run a few steps before the pain was too agonizing.

The rest of the race was either flat or downhill, which I thought would be a welcomed change… But the constant pounding of my foot on the ground sent shooting pains up through my ankle and into my calves. By mile 12 I was struggling. I was running 10 seconds, walking 10 seconds, because I knew I was approaching my former PR, and I wanted to beat it. I previously set my PR at the Niagara Falls Half when I was running with a hurt back, and I knew I could push through this to beat that time. (Remember, I’ve only done 4 of these, and I’m not very fast).

Right before the 13 mile marker, I ran into an “unofficial hydration station” that was handing out beer. (!!!!!!!!!!!) I chugged mine, and ran as fast as I could for the finish. One of my sorority sisters was at the finish line cheering on her husband and I came out of my finish-line trance long enough to hear her shout my name and turn to see her waving, and that gave me that extra push for the finish… THANKS AMY JO! :)

And now, for my picture. I wore the shirt from my church’s running group, and there was someone snapping pictures of everyone wearing these shirts along the course. He got this picture of me crossing the finish line, eyes closed, taking in that moment…

Flying Pig Finish

I hope the feeling of crossing the finish line never gets old. I’ll keep racing until it does… Even if it means being slow.


The Internal Monologue of a Solo Road Trip

Ok, Suitcase … check. Work bag … check. Wallet … check. Phone ……(where is it …… ok). check. 

*starts car* OK, five hours. Thats only like, 11 episodes of How I Met Your Mother. No problem.

*drives for 20 minutes* OMG, I am so bored already. And damnit, I have to pee. OH, there is a starbucks off this exit. I’ll stop and pee and get some coffee and get back on the road. 

HI, I’d like a quad venti skinny vanilla latte with no foam please.

Are you sure you want a venti, you’ll have to pee again before you get there. Well, that’s ok because I’ll have to put on work clothes at some point so I’ll just kill 2 birds with one stone there.

Ok, back in the car. I’m at exit 25 and Ohio ends at exit 210 and then I have to go to exit 81 in Michigan … So I have ………………. 266 miles to go. So if I go 75 miles an hour, I will get there in ………………….. a long time. I still have a long way to go. damnit, i’m bored.

Oh, I like this song. *turns radio up* SHE WAS LIKE, OH MY GOD, THIS IS MY SONG I’VE BEEN LISTENING TO THE RADIO ALL NIGHT LONG. The lyrics to this song kind of suck. Who says like, oh my god? The girl Luke Bryan is singing about must be a blonde … Wait. I’m a blonde. But I don’t say that. I’ve never said that. 

Shit, I’m too far away to listen to the Cincinnati radio stations. *switches to pandora*. I think the main reason I like listening to the John Mayer pandora station is because they dont really play a lot of female artists. And I don’t like female artists as much because I can’t sing along as well because I’m a bad singer.

I’m not a bad singer. *turns radio down* I mean, i’ve only been booed at karaoke once. I could totally sing “Gimme one reason” by Tracy Chapman at karaoke. Remember that time you googled “Is Tracy Chapman a man or a woman” … She’s a woman but I can sing along with her because her voice is really deep.

Maybe she used to be a man. I wonder how often people google that. I bet I could google it.

I am really bored.

Damnit, I just got a text message, I heard it.. I’m not going to check it though because I don’t want to die on the way to work. That’s probably the worst way to die. Damnit, I hate driving. 

Please don’t start raining. I hate driving in the rain. UGH this truck. PICK A LANE ASSHOLE. I hate driving to work. If I were flying right now I could be sleeping or reading a book or literally anything else. But I’m just driving.

Oh, construction. THIS ISNT EVEN DOING ANYTHING. It’s just cones blocking off one lane just to be a jerk. THANKS OBAMA.

LIKE, OH MY GOD THIS TRUCK IS ABOUT TO HIT ME…. crap, I just said like, oh my god. I’m that girl in the Luke Bryan song. I wish.

Damnit, I need gas. Why didn’t I get gas when I got starbucks. (because I didn’t need it then) … Ok, pulling over. YAY I get to check and see who texted me like an hour ago!


DONT HONK AT ME. I’m trying to pass this truck, I will get over when I pass him so you can be a speed demon. Leave me alone.

Crap. I have to pee. I should have only gotten a grande coffee. There is no way I will finish this anyway. Crap.

Ok, I can stop and get a quick lunch and pee and change into my work clothes… Then I will only have to drive 150 more miles and if I go 75 miles an hour it will only take two more hours. I’m swimming in time.

Ok, stopping for food now. Obviously I’m going to get chipotle. It’s either that or I get a bag of cheetos from the gas station. I already got gas, so chipotle it is. 

Why is chipotle so good? Like really, I could eat this whole bowl and then some. I wish I would have gotten chips. I can still get some. I’ll just get a little bag.

Well, they didnt have any little bags. So i’ll just keep the bag and snack on it for the rest of the trip.. I only have like, two hours MAX left. OK. Back in the car I go… UGH. this is the worst.

WHAT IS THIS TRAFFIC?! This is actually the 11th circle of hell. I cannot imagine a worse scenario right now. My car is in park. At least I’m not at work yet. What should I get for dinner. ooooooooh I really want the zucchini fritte appetizer from Maggianos … Do you think they’ll judge me for ordering just an appetizer to-go? Maybe if I get another appetizer or like, a salad or something. I’m definitely getting that. I don’t need a salad.

………………. Still sitting in traffic. I’m really glad I peed, otherwise I might be dying right now. Why is the person in the car next to me staring at me??? I’m not doing anything weird!!! Just ignore him. Check twitter. Look at all the instagram pictures that have been posted since you left this morning. Check facebook. Check twitter. Still sitting in traffic. Weirdo next to me is still staring. WTF.

Oh great, we’re moving now. That was literally traffic for no reason and I just wasted a half hour of my life. Only 50 miles to go. UGH, but then I have to work. 

Think of it this way, you will be at work for about as many hours as you’ve been in the car……. SO BASICALLY FOREVER. Work wont be that bad. Not as bad as this. Nothing is as bad as this. 

I hate driving. I will go as slow as I want around this curve and because I’m in the slow lane, IDGAF id you pass me. I’m clearly not in as much of a hurry as you are, SIR.

OK. Five more exits. YOU. CAN. DO. THIS. You will literally be there at the end of the next song……….. ugh, this song sucks. Can’t everyone just agree that we’ve had enough of brantley gilbert already?!?! OK, at the end of THIS song, you will be there.

AH, one more turn and youll be there … Good thing, because I have to pee.


If We Went Out For Coffee

I’ve decided to jump on the blogger bandwagon and write what a coffee date with yours truly would look like. It seems like everyone in my bloglovin feed has posted something similar over the course of the last several weeks, and I love the vulnerability that comes along with it. So, without further adieu.

If we went out for coffee, I’d probably be secretly wanting one of these:


Or maybe not so secretly. I might even suggest we go get margaritas or beers or wine. But, if we actually went out for coffee, I would order decaf. I’d tell you that drinking caffeine after lunchtime keeps me up at night and that after my lunchtime diet coke, I switch to water. I order my normal starbucks drink, you might laugh at the complexity. But I like what I like.

If we went out for coffee, I would ask you how your day at work was. I’d ask questions about your job and I’d tell you about mine. I wouldn’t want to talk about work for too long… Because talking about work feels like work. But, it’s a big part of everyone’s life, and I want to get to know you … So I would ask.

If we went out for coffee, I would tell you about my favorite shows. I’d talk about my marathon viewing sessions of How I Met Your Mother and Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix. I would ask if you knew of any good shows or movies to watch and I would actually watch them. Then the next time we went out for coffee, I ask you questions and tell you my favorite parts.

If we went out for coffee, I’d tell you about how hard being a 20-something is. How my best friend is moving to Arkansas and didn’t tell me. How most of my friends from college and I have lost touch. I’d tell you that the friends I have now are more than amazing and let me talk and cry to them on a weekly basis. They probably get annoyed with me, but they still listen and don’t complain, and that’s all that matters. I’d ask for your advice and I’d probably cry to you too. Because it hurts, and I can’t stop it.

If we went out for coffee, I would probably tell an awkward story or a joke to break the tension. I don’t want to be a debbie downer. I’d tell the story of the week where I fell out of my hotel bed 8 times (may or may not have been this week), or the time(s) I fell down the stairs at work. Something a little self-deprecating, because I find it humorous. I’d tell you that the ability to laugh at yourself is one of the strongest personality characteristics.

If we went out for coffee, I would talk about another mistake I’m making. I’m about to do my 4th half marathon. And you guessed it, I didn’t train for this one either. I don’t know why I do this to myself. Since I’ve done it before, I feel like I can do it again, and that stalls any motivation I have to train. That, and I hate running. I’d ask you how you find the motivation to run and still have time for a job and a social life and get enough sleep every night.

If we went out for coffee, I would tell you I’m trying new things. I would tell you about the online photography class I’m taking and how I want to learn to play the fiddle (for real). I would ask if you play any instruments or what else you’ve tried lately.

If we went out for coffee, I would thank you. For talking with me, for giving me advice and for sharing part of your day with me. I’d probably ask you if we could take a selfie so I could post it on instagram. Then you would leave and I would leave. Until next time.

We Came. We Saw. We Blated.

While in Orlando for vacation last week, I took the perfect opportunity to go on my first blate (that’s a blogger date, for those of you that are unfamiliar). I “met” Kerri back in September when we both participated in Blogtember. We followed each other on twitter and instagram and planned to meet up when I came to town in April.

I spent the day at Universal with my family and Kerri spent the day at work.. hehe. And on my way to meet her, I decided I was going to feel very underdressed and used it as an excuse to go shopping. I bought a super-comfy maxi skirt and awkwardly changed in my rental car in the parking lot … shhhh.

Admittedly, I was a little nervous. It’s like going on a blind date, but different. The things I wouldn’t normally be nervous about, I was extra conscious of.. like my chipped nail polish, the fact that my shoes didn’t match the rest of my outfit, and that I had ZERO jewelry on. All things that a guy may not pick up on, but a girl probably will. And, true to form, I was extra early. So I parked myself in a chair at the house of blues and waited for Kerri to show up.

(Disclaimer – I will be using most of Kerri’s pictures in this post… because I suck.)


Kerri showed up right on time and while she drank a beer and I drank a marg, we chatted about everything (literally). Work, families, and awkward dating stories were all covered. And trust me, this girl is as awesome in real life as she is on the internet. We were not short of things to talk about. And we made sure to get a blogger selfie to document the occasion:

blate4(She reassured me that my head is NOT as big in real life as it appears in this picture)

We moved on to Raglan Road, a little Irish pub at Downtown Disney. Our dinner entertainment included three Irish dancers (costumes and all) and a little girl that vomited all over the patio (for real, no pictures though … because, gross). We talked about our cameras (we both recently purchased DSLRs) and blogging… What kind of blate would it be if we didn’t talk about our blogs?! Kerri even has business cards for her blog, which I will keep in my wallet next to my Tinder date’s card forever, probably.



After we parted ways, I roamed around Downtown Disney for a little while longer and purchased a pair of Cheshire Cat socks at Little Miss Matched to commemorate my very first blate … I don’t have a picture of the actual socks (again, I suck) … But how could I pass on these?!

cheshire cat socks| via little miss matched |

Now, I have an internet-turned-real-life friend and Kerri is on the short list of people to visit next time I’m in Orlando (it’s a really short list. Basically just a piece of paper with Kerri’s name on it.) Thanks for showing me around, girl! Can’t wait to meet up again! :)


P.S. Kerri recapped our blate HERE.