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Blogtember Day 11: A memory you would love to relive.

Before I get into it, I want to say that I had this entire post written before I went to the Bengals game last night, but I forgot to schedule it to post this morning… So. yeah.

There are SO many memories to choose from, guys. I could have gone back to college graduation, or studying abroad. Or any number of the vacations I’ve taken. All of the fun times with my greatest friends over the years. But today, I’m choosing to go back to the day I ran my first half marathon. The disney princess-half-marathon in February of this year (with the bestie, of course)…

Disney Princess HalfBestie and I at the starting line!! (around 5:30am!)

First, we woke up at like… 3:30AM… Got ready (aka, just changing clothes and eating a granola bar). We were staying at the All Star Sports Resort, and we hopped on the bus with dozens of others and were shuttled to Epcot. There was a HUGE party of people stretching, dancing, and taking pictures with characters.

Have A Magical Race!

Along with 20,000+ other people, we moved to the staring corrals (like cattle, yes)… And waited (when the above picture was taken). It was chilly, and I ended up having to get rid of my jacket, but around 6:30, we were OFF! Now, while there are SOME men that run this race, the vast majority of runners are women. And it was so empowering to run alongside women that were cheering everyone else on. It wasn’t about beating each other, or finishing first, but about doing it together! It was such an awesome day!!

20130917-121308.jpgPhoto cred goes to Michelle on this one. Just a random guy in front of us going in to Magic Kingdom.

So, 13.1 miles was hard. Especially because Michelle and I did almost no training for it. But even though we walked most of it, crossing the finish line of that race was one of the best moments of my life. I fought back tears of happiness and if I could relive one moment from that day over and over, it would be the 100 feet before and after the finish line. It was such a magical day. And it’s a day I’ll not soon forget.

 I’ve got a runners high, and have signed up for two more half marathons and a 10k in the next few months (including the glass slipper challenge in February!). If anyone is considering doing a runDisney race, I highly recommend it. They are a little pricey as far as races go, but in my opinion, totally worth it! It was an amazing weekend and I’m so looking forward to doing it again this year (with my mom!)

runDisneyhi bestie : )

What’s a moment you wish you could live over and over again? Any other runDisney fans out there?